Canon EOS 5D – Review by Jeff Keller

Jeff Keller has posted his review on Canon EOS 5D, a 12.4 Megapixel Digital SLR camera with 2.5″ LCD, with some samples at DCRP. Here’s what he says about the image quality:

Canon EOS 5D

“I have one thing to say about those results: WOW. Noise levels are incredibly low, even at ISO 1600, which is the cleanest image I’ve seen yet in this test. You should be able to make large prints without any issues on this camera. To see how the EOS-20D did at ISO 1600 (it’s quite similar to the 5D), click here.

Overall the EOS-5D’s photo quality was excellent. The camera took well-exposed photos with accurate color and low purple fringing levels. As for noise? Well, there isn’t much, as you’ve hopefully seen in these tests. I took many photos at the big SF Auto Show back in November at ISO 1000 and above, and all of the pictures could be printed at 8 x 10 or larger. As is the case with all D-SLRs, Canon has the in-camera sharpening turned way down, and if you want things to be sharper you can either increase that, or just post-process in Photoshop. “

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  1. Jon Drake says:

    Mr. Keller:

    I really enjoy and appreciate your reviews of the very latest cameras by manufacturers.
    I read where readers are always wondering how one camera compares to another.. I do the same.. what I think would help the most for readers is for there to be published photos results of one camera brand Vs another side by side.
    For instance now I am interested in determining the best image quality photos of the new Fuji F100fd Vs the new Ricoh R8 cameras.
    I believe that the side by side photos would be very valuable to the reader trying to buy the best camera for the money.
    The photos as a suggestion could be a macro photo, face photo, landscape photo and photo of a detailed colorful quilt pattern.



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