Canon EOS 5D Replacement

Last Update: It’s a full moon! Canon has officially announced the EOS 5D Mark II (17 September’08)

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The moon is getting brighter (11 September 2008)
Just checked the Canon teaser page again, and it seems that we’re getting closer to the announcement date. Please see the image below for comparison.


Originally posted: 05 September’08
After more than 3 years since the announcement of the Canon EOS 5D, it looks like Canon is ready to release the 5D replacement. With Photokina 2008 is just around the corner, Canon has done a new camera teaser to its US & Europe websites. Canon US shows a silhouette of a camera body with the words: ‘Destined EVOLUTION’ on their teaser page as you can see on the image below;

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Meanwhile, Canon UK shows a flash animation banner showing the words; “THE EOS STORY CONTINUES – SEE THE FUTURE OF PHOTOGRAPHY.. – STAY TUNED” with glimpses of a camera with a large prism bulge

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  1. Kim Guanzon says:

    the second image does not look like a 5D body looks more like a 1D (the 5D prism housing has an edge before it tapers off to the logo, while 1D series bodies have a more rounded fall off). this could be a follow up to the 1D MKIII: probably a 1D MKIIIn

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