Is This Canon EOS 3D?

Canon EOS 3D
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Canon EOS 3D is rumored to have 45AF points with eye controlled focus which offers instant, intuitive AF in almost any situation by linking eye movement with the multiple AF points.


Eye Controlled Focus article at Canon website
Canon EOS-3 Features and Specifications

9 Responses to “Is This Canon EOS 3D?”

  1. jim says:

    Canon 3D picture is bogus. It’s an amalgram of pics picked of of the site. The body is a hacked up Canon 1DS MkII and the lens highlights come from the Nikon D200 preview.

  2. lekke says:

    Right. 1.2 with that diameter??

  3. Phil Peterson says:

    I agree with this assessment however the up and coming 3D will provide 65 focus points and 15 bit color. I got this info from my friend’s brother in law. My friend’s name is Mr. Pope of down under. He has moved on to medium digital format however and is not impressed.

  4. gustavo says:

    anybody noticed the so called “eye control” on this camera? why would they include that feature in this camera if no other recent model has it, for me is totally useless

  5. tommy says:

    whats the fps?

  6. ppdix says:

    The original EOS 3 had Eye Control Focus. It makes sense for the 3D to be the one to bring it back.
    For one, I hope they do bring it back.

  7. Andre says:

    Hi any more news on 3D after the lunch of the 1D MK4 will it be next ?

  8. craig says:

    The 3 was a truely great film camera. Bring on a digital version if this for us wedding photographers.

    To tge person above who scoffed at the useness of such a focusing system you should try before you comment. its like the guy who bags a ferrari BUT never driven one. FOOL.

  9. Wibawa says:

    I have the Canon EOS3. It is a fantastic camera with a great exposure meter. However, the eye control never worked for me. I did a lot of calibration for my eyes and it still didn’t work well it should be as per the Canon instruction. For info, I wear eye glasses, which I always suspect the main reason why the eye control function didn’t work for me. I finally gave up and reverted back to the manual focus control. That’s the only gripe I have with the Canon EOS 3.

    Look forward to Canon EOS 3D. In my view, it should at least have a full-frame sensor and high ISO 51,200.

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