Canon EOS 30D Rumor

LAST UPDATE: 04.04.06

Canon EOS 30D Official Brochure

LAST UPDATE: 21.02.06

Canon EOS 30D Sample Photos
Canon announces Canon EOS 30D

LAST UPDATE: 19.02.06

One of the Canon Talk forum members has posted a print-screen from Canon Spain which mentions the Canon EOS 30D on their product list.



DChome forum has a new thread about the rumor of the Canon EOS 30D, which will replace Canon EOS 20D. It’s said that the new Canon EOS 30D will have 10.1MP, 21 points AF, 7 fps, still 1.6x, with DIGIC II with better noise reduction at ISO 800 or higher, and the camera will also come in a little smaller body design.

The launch date would be 21st of Feb 2006, let’s all wait and see..

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