Canon EOS 30D – Preview @ has a preview on the new Canon EOS 30D, a digital SLR camera with 8.2 Megapixel (CMOS), 5 fps frame rate, 9-point autofocus, spot metering and 2.5 inch LCD screen.


“After having used the camera for nearly two weeks and taken some 400 pictures, my first impression is very good. I liked the EOS 20D and I love the EOS 30D. My equipment was quite large and heavy (slightly above 1.5 kg) but the camera lies exceptionally well in the hand and the operation is generally intuitive and comfortable.

My only concern is the position of the main switch. As it doubles as a lock for the quick-dial, I see the necessity of placing it close to the dial, but I would prefer a position above the dial, rather than below it.”

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