Canon EOS 30D Official Brochure

Rob Havemeyer, a Pbase member, has scanned Canon EOS 30D official brochure and posted it at his PBase gallery. Please click on the image to enlarge.

canon-eos-30d-brochure-1 canon-eos-30d-brochure-2

canon-eos-30d-brochure-3 canon-eos-30d-brochure-4

canon-eos-30d-brochure-5 canon-eos-30d-brochure-6

canon-eos-30d-brochure-7 canon-eos-30d-brochure-8

canon-eos-30d-brochure-9 canon-eos-30d-brochure-10


canon-eos-30d-brochure-13 canon-eos-30d-brochure-14

canon-eos-30d-brochure-15 canon-eos-30d-brochure-16

canon-eos-30d-brochure-17 canon-eos-30d-brochure-18

canon-eos-30d-brochure-19 canon-eos-30d-brochure-20


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  1. KBeat says:

    Fun to see that brochure again. That’s the first DSLR I really loved. It’s a second to a 5D Mark II these days, but still gets a lot of work. Some projects just don’t need 21 megapixel file!

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