Canon EOS-1D X VS Nikon D4 – Which One is Better?

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Canon EOS-1D X VS Nikon D4 – Which one is better camera for you? Both of the cameras are offer the best features and performance to capture stunning images and video. But, they are also has better feature than another professional camera which makes it match to compete on the market now. The Nikon D4 also offer lower prices than Canon EOS-1D X that makes users would probably buy the Nikon D4. If you have confused to choose one of them, there is some experts and user reviews included video reviews which helps you to decide buy one of the cameras.

Canon EOS-1D X Latest Price Info | Nikon D4 Latest Price Info
Overall Rating: ★★★★½

Expert Reviews

Canon EOS-1D X VS Nikon D4 – Which One is Better?

Digitalcamerainfo compares the Canon EOS-1D X VS Nikon D4 and writes;
“The Canon 1D X’s advantage in speed, autofocus control, and subject tracking make it the ideal camera for sports and action shooters. You’re simply going to be able to shoot faster and more accurately with the 1D X than the D4, with generally superior JPEG production if RAW processing isn’t necessary or convenient. The D4, however, should greatly appeal to those who are looking to do wildlife photography, night photography, or use extreme telephoto lenses.”
rating: N/A

Engadget reviews the Canon EOS-1D X VS Nikon D4 and writes;
“the Canon EOS-1D X and Nikon D4 are both capable of capturing images at up to ISO 204,800, letting you snap sharp photos in even the dimmest of lighting conditions. The benefits of a top sensitivity of ISO 204,800 are significant — jumping from one ISO to the next doubles your shutter speed.”
rating: N/A

Hireacamera reviews the Canon EOS-1D X VS Nikon D4 and writes;
“Okay I have now had a chance to take photos again with the cameras at exactly the same ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. On the JPEGs the D4 holds the advantage and most definitely wins. But once you look at the RAWs, the Canon comes back into play a great deal more.”
rating: N/A

Techradar compares the Canon EOS-1D X VS Nikon D4 and writes;
“It’s a tough one to call as both cameras, as you’d expect, are packed with top-end features that should meet the needs of most professional photographers. However, with a few extra nifty features, including iPad and iPhone wireless shooting capability, the introduction of the new memory card format and the lower price means that if we were forced to choose one at this early stage, it would probably be the Nikon D4.”
rating: N/A

Reviews Video

Canon EOS-1D X VS Nikon D4 – Which One is Better?

Review Video By romybross

Review Video By DigitalRevCom

Review Video By PhotoNewsReviews

User Opinions

Canon EOS-1D X User reviews

Fast, Sharp and Easy to Use
“My main work is sports photography, which involves fast moving objects and in some cases dark situations. For sports photographers, there is no question the 12 to 14 fps will be much appreciated. Based on several weeks of use, 12 fps will more than suffice. Not only because it it fast, but also the camera’s ability to focus while shooting in high speed continuous mode is truly amazing.” – By T. Cayton
Rating: ★★★★★

Canon 1DX versus Canon’s 1D Mark IV
“I have found that with the 1DX ISO 25600 is VERY usable and about on par with the Mark IV’s 12800. 25600 is better than the 5DIII’s 12800, so for double the price you get 1 stop better low light performance.” – By Mark Kitaoka
Rating: ★★★★★

Stunning – new firmware allows f8 AF and also red AF indicator in AI Servo mode
“Super-fast AF. This cannot be stressed enough. Mating the 70-200 mkII to this camera, picking up the camera, aiming and pressing the shutter button takes fractions of a second. In the high speed world of sports photography, this would be a heaven send.” – By Stephen M. Lerch
Rating: ★★★★★

“Canon’s flagship doesn’t disappoint here, I found images to have great color rendition and excellent resolution. Subtle textures are rendered with such great detail that doesn’t make me miss the extra megapixels of the 5D. And unlike the files I got from the 5DmkII, which I found to be a bit unexciting and in need a bit of mid tone contrast adjustment and sharpening in post, I am liking these straight out of the camera.” – By Barry F. Shaffer
Rating: ★★★★☆

1DX – Wow
“The Shutter speed and low light ability are amazing. I would highly recommend this product. If you have shot with the 1Ds mark lll, the learning curve is very small. The video shot with this looks incredible on a ultra high resolution full screen. What can I say, I am extremely pleased.” – By louismetzger
Rating: ★★★★★

The most amazing body I’ve ever had
“1- AF is from out of this planet! 2- The body feels robust. 3- I love the sound of the shutter. 4- Incredible noise performance. 5- One can customize this baby as you want; so many options! 6- Feels good in my hands. 7- Very fast and solid.” – By Julio
Rating: ★★★★★

Canon EOS 1Dx review
“The images coming from the 1Dx have amazing detailed and very sharp. I use eye lashes and brows to check focus. In LR at a zoom of 1-1 eye brows have sharp edges straight from the camera. Only LR’s default 25% sharpening applied. Every pore, facial hair, and wrinkle are in
vivid detail.” – By G. Jones
Rating: ★★★★☆

Nikon D4 User reviews

Couldn’t be happier
“I had some prints made recently from my D300 and my D4, both of the same subject. The lab was able to spot the ones from the D4 because of their sharpness and clarity.” – By Dave
Rating: ★★★★★

Brilliant images and so easy to use
“I had a D700 that I loved, and which I intended to keep as a spare in case I had problems with the D4. So I took the D4 away on a couple of trips and immediately fell in love with it; essentially because of its brilliant image quality. It is also easier to use than the D700 but that was a secondary benefit.” – By Greg Munyard
Rating: ★★★★★

Best Camera I’ve Ever Had
“The dynamic range and skin tone are excellent. On the D300, I would have to do a 5 shot bracket to have a nice HDR blend for landscape shooting. With the D4, the recovery in the shadows are so awesome especially with the newer Lightroom 4 software that I can often get away with one shot (-1 EV) and it’ll look 90% as good as a 5 shot blend from the D300.” – By Chanh
Rating: ★★★★★

Upgraded from a D700
“I have shot images at 12,800 ISO with little or negligible noise, and at 50 ISO images need only minor post. I especially like the ability to Auto bracket at up to 3EV. This is great for HDR’s. The Auto HDR setting is a waste. Do it yourself. Images are sharper than my D700 with the same lens, all settings equal.” – By catman
Rating: ★★★★★

So many good features
“The new thumb selectors are so wonderful for my small female hands. The focus point memory option for changing between portrait and landscape is an awesome addition.” – By Meowcat
Rating: ★★★★★

Exactly what I was hoping for
“I went with the D4 for it’s high ISO capabilities and it certainly does not disappoint. Every native ISO it offers is good enough that I feel comfortable using it for virtually any purpose. ISO 12,800 is very satisfactory for 8X10 and even larger prints, and anything below that is pretty much perfect for whatever you want to do with it, assuming the original exposure is on point.” – By Travis Biggs
Rating: ★★★★★

Fast handling, beautiful images
“I shoot one-handed a lot, at events where I have a flash in one hand an a camera in the other (using a set of PocketWizards). I thought the weight of the D4 would make this harder. But no: when holding it vertically, the D4 is a lot easier to manage than the vertical D700.. Image quality: Beautiful… really crisp and sharp and smooth. The D700 was great too.” – By Hankk
Rating: ★★★★★

The cream of the crop
“The auto focus on this camera is amazing. The D3 was good. The D4 is great. The combination of this with a 200-400 AFS Zoom is just heaven. I’ve gotten more, better and great shots since I got this camera than in the whole season before it. My clients have noticed it and commented. Very impressive.” – By ROSPORTS
Rating: ★★★★★

“I am procuring AMAZING photographs with the D4- VERY impressive. The images are razor sharp and thats allot considering Im using a dual purpose lens. I love it.” – By Sebastian
Rating: ★★★★★

Great for low light, not so happy about the new memory card coming
“the low light capability is worth every penny to me. I’m not so happy about the new memory card and required reader, but it may in fact be the way of the future, and if that is the case, I’m being thrown into it before my buddies, and I’ll survive it.” – By Tenna Merchent
Rating: ★★★★☆

The camera i’ve always wanted
“In fact for continuous shooting this thing is simply impressive, with the XQD card that came with the camera I can take something like 75 shots before the 10 raws per second slows down due to buffer limit being reached.” – By D. KIMBALL “D4sNutz”
Rating: ★★★★★

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Samples Images

Canon EOS-1D X VS Nikon D4 – Which One is Better with Sample Photos

Canon EOS-1D X Sample Photos

Canon EOS-1D X Sample Photos @ Amazon

Canon EOS-1D X Sample Photos @ Flickr

Canon EOS-1D X Sample Photos @ Canon

Nikon D4 Sample Photos

Nikon D4 Sample Photos @

Nikon D4 Sample Photos @

Nikon D4 Sample Photos @

Nikon D4 Sample Photos @

Nikon D4 Sample Photos @

Nikon D4 Sample Photos @

Nikon D4 Sample Photos @

Nikon D4 Sample Photos @

Nikon D4 Sample Photos @

Nikon D4 Sample Photos @


Canon EOS-1D X and Nikon D4 User Manual (PDF)

Click to view or right click and select Save Target As..(Firefox) or Save link as.. (IE) to download

– Download Canon EOS-1D X User Manual (PDF – 27.4MB)

– Download Nikon D4 User Manual (PDF -)


Canon EOS-1D X Features

The camera offers a highly durable body constructed from high-grade magnesium which provides protection the elements with larger design and more tactile buttons to make it easier for users control settings. It has two multi-controllers and a touch-sensitive control wheel to make easier settings in movie mode with a 100% viewfinder to provides framing each scene easier.

Canon EOS-1D X also using wave-based vibrations similar to that of Ultrasonic Motors to shake dust and dirt from the sensor even more effectively. The Live View Button has been conveniently placed near the user’s thumb for one-touch switching between Live View and Viewfinder shooting including the Quick Control Button and menu navigation controls that easier for users settings.


The Canon EOS-1D X also offers dual CF card slots to enhanced storage capacity and comes with built-in LAN connection for connectivity that provides a stable wired connection for ultra-fast data transmission, make the camera is great choice for professional photographer. All re-design exterior and ergonomic button configuration of the camera Canon EOS-1D X make it feels comfortable in your right hand.

High Speed Images Sensor

The Canon EOS-1D X camera offers a high speed with three DIGIC processors including Dual DIGIC 5+ image processors capable of delivering approximately 17 times more processing speed than DIGIC 4, and a dedicated DIGIC 4 for metering and AF control. The Dual DIGIC 5+ processors provide high-speed continuous shooting, lower noise, and a significant increase in data processing speed.


The new 18-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor use large pixels than the EOS-1D Mark IV sensor and the EOS 5D Mark II sensor that has improved for outstanding image quality, even in extremely low light. The Canon DIGIC 4 processor has 100,000-pixel RGB Metering Sensor and utilizes 252 zones for general metering or 35 zones for low-light metering that help to adjust exposure, autofocus, Auto Lighting Optimizer and Automatic Picture Style to capture superb image quality.


Full HD Video Recording

The camera offers two new compression video formats including intraframe (ALL-i ) compression for an editing-friendly format and interframe (IPB) compression for superior data compression that ideal for professional workflow. The new file splitting function provides continuous video recording up to 29 minutes and 59 seconds across multiple 4GB files that can be recorded in either NTSC or PAL standards with Full HD at 1920 x 1080 in selectable frame rates of 24p (23.976), 25p, or 30p (29.97); and 720p HD or SD video recording at either 50p or 60p (59.94). SD video.

Canon EOS-1D X also equipped with the new EOS iTR (Intelligent Tracking and Recognition) AF options including 14-bit A/D data conversion and capable of shooting an incredible 12 frames-per-second (fps) ideal for wedding and event photography as well as sports and photojournalism.

The new Canon WFT-E6A Wireless File Transmitter features wireless LAN support for 802.11n network transfer rates is included in this camera to provide users with increased communication speed. Equipped with this new dust and weather resistant model, photographer can synchronize clocks on multiple cameras and use the unit to support linked shooting when utilizing multiple cameras. In addition, Bluetooth-compatible equipment can be easily linked to the device as well. The EOS-1D X also offers an optional Canon GP-E1 GPS Receiver, which can be easily integrated into the camera’s body.

Canon EOS-1D X features Highlight
* 18.1 MP full frame CMOS sensor
* Up to 12fps and 14fps shooting
* 100-51200 ISO, up to H:204800
* 61 point AF system
* 100,000 pixel RGB AE metering with DIGIC 4
* Full HD 1080p EOS movie
* Dual “DIGIC 5+” processors
* Clear View II 8.11 cm (3.2”) 1040K-dot LCD
* Ethernet port

Nikon D4 Features

The Nikon D4 comes with a 16.2 megapixel CMOS sensor that is paired with Nikon’s powerful EXPEED3 image processor to capture stunning stills up to 11 fps. It also offers a 91,000-Pixel RGB 3D Color Matrix Metering III sensor that combined with Nikon’s Advanced SRS to deliver unmatched accuracy in every frame. While the 51-point AF system provides a faster performance to capture images of fast moving subject.


By using the FX-format (36.0mm x 23.9mm) CMOS image sensor that delivers 16.2 effective megapixels of resolution, the Nikon D4 offers high speed and accuracy to produce images with exquisite detail result. The sensor also has designed to collect maximum light to produce stunning images and video in variety ISO range of 100 to 12,800 (expandable down to 50 and up to 204,800). While the EXPEED3 image processing is able to produce the most faithful colors, tones and a wide dynamic range.

The camera also allows users to record Full HD D-Movie (1080p) video that available in three mode format like FX, DX or the new 2.7x Crop mode at 16:9 aspect ratio. There is a manual exposure control that helps camera to keep the same look from start to finish. Not only that, the camera also offers a Built-in HDMI which allows users to view footage on an external monitor or record uncompressed 8-bit 4.2.2 footage directly to an external recording device. Users can attach the ME-1 Stereo Microphone and record high fidelity audio with minimal camera noise.


The Nikon D4 has a 8-cm (3.2-in.) wide viewing angle LCD monitor that offers high resolution approx. 921k-dot for bright, crisp image playback. This LCD monitor comes with anti-reflective feature which offers clear, glare-free performance even under bright conditions. In addition, when the monitor brightness is set to “Auto”, the camera automatically adjusts the LCD brightness which gives easy image confirmation in both bright and low-lit situation and it is very useful when shooting video and stills.


Nikon D4 Feature Highlights

+ A WT-5A Wireless Transmitter
+ New 51-point AF system
+ 3.2-inch, 921,000-dot LCD Monitor
+ Dual memory card slots
+ AF detection up to f/8
+ Built-in HDR
+ Time lapse shooting
+ Two Live View shooting modes
+ Dedicated Nikon Picture Control button
+ 400,000-cycle tested shutter

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