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Canon EOS-1D X is a 18.1MP Full Frame CMOS Digital SLR Camera. It comes with variety of interesting features to capture outstanding pictures such as Up to 12fps plus 14fps High speed mode, High ISO sensitivity of 100-51200 – up to H:204800, 61 point AF system, 100,000 pixel RGB AE metering, Full HD 1080p EOS movie recording, and has a 3.2-inch Clear View II LCD monitor. The camera measures (W x H x D) 6.2 x 6.4 x 3.3 in. (158 x 163.6 x 82.7 mm) and weight: TBA.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½

Expert Reviews

Canon EOS-1D X Reviews

Techradar reviews the Canon EOS-1D X and writes;
“Although it’s possible to select individual AF points, they can also be selected in groups of varying sizes to make their selection quicker and easier if it suits the subject. Our time with the EOS-1DX indicates that the normal phase detection AF system is capable of locking onto subjects very quickly even in very low light.”
Rating: ★★★★½

Ephotozine reviews the Canon EOS-1D X and writes;
“The high speed continuous shooting, focus, and ability to use ISO settings with high shutter speeds would ideally be suited to wildlife, sports, low-light or other areas where speed is paramount.”
Rating: ★★★★½

Pocket-lint reviews the Canon EOS-1D X and writes;
“This is no casual snapper; the Canon EOS 1D X is an incredible tool. It’s super fast and that’s its main selling point. But it’s also strong, has a battery that more or less refuses to die per charge, and produces images with class leading dynamic range.”
Rating: ★★★★★

Kenrockwell reviews the Canon EOS-1D X and writes;
“I’m impressed at how well the Auto White Balance works in all sorts of crummy light.. There are five preset memories for manually-set white-card white balances, a great help for shooting in crummy light, or different studios.”
rating: N/A

Popphoto reviews the Canon EOS-1D X and writes;
“Canon has yet again created a truly amazing camera with the EOS-1D X. From the first weekend we got to shoot with it, when we came home with a dozen keepers, up until the last frame we shot for this test, it was simply a pleasure to use.”
rating: N/A

CNET reviews the Canon EOS-1D X and writes;
“The 1D X produces very nice looking video, as to be expected given its pedigree and the lineage from the 5D range. The images are sharp (though to some extent, this will also depend on the quality of the glass in front of the sensor) and there is only a small degree of rolling shutter visible.”
Rating: ★★★★½

Trustedreviews reviews the Canon EOS-1D X and writes;
“From the blazing processing speeds of the dual DIGIC 5 processors to the class-leading 12fps Continuous shooting speed and exceptional high ISO performance the EOS-1D X really is everything Canon claims it to be. Those looking for a professional-grade, high-resolution full-frame DSLR that offers the full package need look no further.”
Rating: ★★★★½

Digitalcameraworld reviews the Canon EOS-1D X and writes;
“With an f/2.8 lens, the Canon EOS-1DX can focus in very low light, and even at high sensitivities it delivers images that are clean enough to turn into full-page prints. The Canon EOS-1D X’s AF system is fast and reliable in a wide range of situations, and it captures subjects sharply even in very low light.”
Rating: ★★★★½

The-digital-picture reviews the Canon EOS-1D X and writes;
“I’m excited to see a Dual-Axis Electronic Level available in the 1D X. This feature is especially helpful when photographing landscape and architecture – or any other situation where you want a level camera. This feature is also especially helpful in very low light scenarios.”
rating: N/A

Digitalcamerainfo reviews the Canon EOS-1D X and writes;
“The Canon 1Dx wants to be a jack of all trades, offering the speed needed by sports, action, celebrity and news photographers to go along with the full frame image quality and low light capability that studio, fashion, and landscape photographers require.”
Rating: ★★★★★

Amateurphotographer reviews the Canon EOS-1D X and writes;
“The new sensor is extremely impressive in terms of detail but more so in terms of its noise performance in low light. This is the finest Canon DSLR I have tested and though the difference may not be enough to tempt many Nikon users, it represents another step forward in the sports and action market.”
Rating: ★★★★½

Whatdigitalcamera reviews the Canon EOS-1D X and writes;
“The 1D X is quite clearly a camera that’s designed to appeal to all advanced photographers, whether they’re in search of high resolution or high-speed, or equally both.”
rating: N/A

Fredmiranda reviews the Canon EOS-1D X and writes;
“Overall, the Canon EOS 1D X is a very versatile camera. When you shoot with it, you feel like it can handle anything. Combined with ultra wide-angle lenses, the 1D X captures amazing full frame landscape photos. It does costs more and has less resolution than the Canon 5D Mark III, but you’ll get great dynamic range, less banding, and body that you can take anywhere under any conditions. Sports and action shooters have found a match made in heaven.”
rating: N/A

Engadget reviews the Canon EOS-1D X and writes;
“The top extended ISO is 204,000 (!), which is a full stop higher than the 1D Mark IV — the equivalent of jumping from f/4 to f/2.8, for example — allowing you to get crisp images in very low light.”
rating: N/A

Photoreview reviews the Canon EOS-1D X and writes;
“The new sensor and image processor also improves movie recordings by reducing the incidence of moiré and false colour in clips. The camera’s expanded ISO range is also available for movie recording, enabling clips to be captured in very low light levels. “
rating: N/A

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Canon EOS-1D X Reviews

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Canon EOS-1D X Sample Photos

Canon EOS-1D X Sample Photos @

Canon EOS-1D X Sample Photos @

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Canon EOS-1D X User Manual (PDF)

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– Download Canon EOS-1D X User Manual (PDF – 27.4MB)


Canon EOS-1D X Features

The camera offers a highly durable body constructed from high-grade magnesium allow which provides protection the elements with larger design and more tactile buttons to make it easier for users control settings. It has two multi-controllers and a touch-sensitive control wheel to make easier settings in movie mode with a 100% viewfinder to provides framing each scene easier.

Canon EOS-1D X also using wave-based vibrations similar to that of Ultrasonic Motors to shake dust and dirt from the sensor even more effectively. The Live View Button has been conveniently placed near the user’s thumb for one-touch switching between Live View and Viewfinder shooting including the Quick Control Button and menu navigation controls that easier for users settings.


The Canon EOS-1D X also offers dual CF card slots to enhanced storage capacity and comes with built-in LAN connection for connectivity that provides a stable wired connection for ultra-fast data transmission, make the camera is great choice for professional photographer. All re-design exterior and ergonomic button configuration of the camera Canon EOS-1D X make it feels comfortable in your right hand.

High Speed Images Sensor

The Canon EOS-1D X camera offers a high speed with three DIGIC processors including Dual DIGIC 5+ image processors capable of delivering approximately 17 times more processing speed than DIGIC 4, and a dedicated DIGIC 4 for metering and AF control. The Dual DIGIC 5+ processors provide high-speed continuous shooting, lower noise, and a significant increase in data processing speed.


The new 18-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor use large pixels than the EOS-1D Mark IV sensor and the EOS 5D Mark II sensor that has improved for outstanding image quality, even in extremely low light. The Canon DIGIC 4 processor has 100,000-pixel RGB Metering Sensor and utilizes 252 zones for general metering or 35 zones for low-light metering that help to adjust exposure, autofocus, Auto Lighting Optimizer and Automatic Picture Style to capture superb image quality.


Full HD Video Recording

The camera offers two new compression video formats including intraframe (ALL-i ) compression for an editing-friendly format and interframe (IPB) compression for superior data compression that ideal for professional workflow. The new file splitting function provides continuous video recording up to 29 minutes and 59 seconds across multiple 4GB files that can be recorded in either NTSC or PAL standards with Full HD at 1920 x 1080 in selectable frame rates of 24p (23.976), 25p, or 30p (29.97); and 720p HD or SD video recording at either 50p or 60p (59.94). SD video.

Canon EOS-1D X also equipped with the new EOS iTR (Intelligent Tracking and Recognition) AF options including 14-bit A/D data conversion and capable of shooting an incredible 12 frames-per-second (fps) ideal for wedding and event photography as well as sports and photojournalism.

The new Canon WFT-E6A Wireless File Transmitter features wireless LAN support for 802.11n network transfer rates is included in this camera to provide users with increased communication speed. Equipped with this new dust and weather resistant model, photographer can synchronize clocks on multiple cameras and use the unit to support linked shooting when utilizing multiple cameras. In addition, Bluetooth-compatible equipment can be easily linked to the device as well. The EOS-1D X also offers an optional Canon GP-E1 GPS Receiver, which can be easily integrated into the camera’s body.

Canon EOS-1D X features Highlight
* 18.1 MP full frame CMOS sensor
* Up to 12fps and 14fps shooting
* 100-51200 ISO, up to H:204800
* 61 point AF system
* 100,000 pixel RGB AE metering with DIGIC 4
* Full HD 1080p EOS movie
* Dual “DIGIC 5+” processors
* Clear View II 8.11 cm (3.2”) 1040K-dot LCD
* Ethernet port

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