Canon DSLR Camera Rumors for 2007

Last update – 09 August’07: EOS 40D Starts Shipping?

07 February’07: Canon 1Ds mkIII Rumors

DSLR-Forum: “The 22 MP [of the MkIII] include the pixels not used for the actual picture. The effective number of pixels of the 1Ds Mark III is 20,67MP. The 40d has an effective pixelcount of 10,32 MP, that means a little more than the 400D.”
Kakaku: “1Ds Mark II successor would be released as having the dust reduction, 22MP sensor, and, larger LCD. The price is around 900,000 yen that is almost the same price as the 1Ds Mark II from his friend that is a professional camera man. The release timing is May. “
TheOnlinePhotographer: “The last shoot had a Canon rep come by with the new 22MP digi demo body. It is half the size of the 1Ds Mark II. They said they are hustling to make lenses that will work with what this body can resolve. They may even make a new mount again for an entirely new lens design. It won’t be out before Phot Show East.”

Canon 40D leak at Canon Hong Kong Website – Added 22.01.07

Canon Hong Kong website recently had a page with the title Canon EOS 40D on it but with no information.

More Canon DSLR Cameras Rumors – Added 12.12.06

We just have one reader e-mail us and writes that the new Canon DSLR cameras will have the new DIGIC III Image Processor , Anti-Dust, lower noise with higher ISO (>3200), and better dynamic range. So based on this, he continues to write…

Canon EOS 30D sucessor is rumored to have these following specs:

EOS 35D/40D
* 12MP
* Improved sensor as described above. Not the same as the one in the 400D.
* Still 5 FPS
* More AF points and faster and more accurate AF.
* Anti-Dust
* 1.6X Crop Factor
* Price: US$1300


Canon EOS 5D sucessors are rumored to have these following specs:

Higher-end 5D (EOS 3D?):
* 16 MP full frame sensor
* ISO 6400, boost-able to 12800
* More & Improved AF points (Eye controlled AF?)
* 5 FPS
* Anti-dust
* Price: higher than the current 5D

Lower-end 5D (EOS 5D Mk II?):
* 12 MP full frame sensor
* ISO 6400, boost-able to 12800
* Improved AF points
* 5 FPS
* Anti-Dust
* Price: about the same or slightly lower than the current 5D

Well ?.. Let’s just wait and see..


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