Canon CP-200

Canon CP-200 is a Photo Printer fetures Print Speed (up to): Postcard Size:Approx. 85 sec.Credit Card Size:Approx. 40 sec.8-Mini Labels:Approx. 40 sec.; Print Resolution (Up to) Reproduction:300 x 300 dpi:256 gradations/ color; Print Modes Postcard size (bordered or borderless); Credit-card size (bordered or borderless); 8-Mini labels (per Credit-card size sheet); and USB cable. The Canon CP-200 measures 6.7 x 4.7 x 2.2 in./ 170.0 x 119.0 x 54.8mm and weighs 28.9 oz./ 820g.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Canon CP-200 Reviews reviews the Canon CP-200 and writes;
“If you need a portable printer, the CP-220 is an excellent choice. During the review no glitches occurred and the prints were generally of high quality. The prints are waterproof and fingerprint resistant which is something that may be very useful if you’re printing pictures at an event (a party for example), plus they can be sent through the mail as postcards.”
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User Opinions

Canon CP-200 User Reviews

Solid, but not spectular
“I got the CP-200 as a Christmas gift (one that I requested specifically) and have been reasonably happy with it so far. Fit and finish of the printer are remarkable – very solid construction, very nice workmanship, very classy design. I have a Canon S30 camera and the two look like they are made to go together.” – by A Customer
Rating: ★★★★☆

Great pictures, some hassles
“The aggravation of the paper and ink cartridges aside, the printer makes beautiful prints. My regular HP printer prints very good pictures except in black and other dark color areas. So I use this Canon printer to print those which the other printer doesn’t do so well on. I had no problem getting the software installed and this printer working from my computer. Most of my pictures will be taken with my old Canon Ae1 and printed with Kodak Perfect Touch processing but my digital pictures will be printed on this printer when I need quality prints from them. “ – by A Customer
Rating: ★★★★☆

Canon Card Photo Printer CP-200
“This printer it is pretty solid, it looks like it will hold up pretty good. As if Cannon is hoping to be able to sell you lots of paper and ribbons. I am sure that you will pay Cannon $500 to $1000 for supplies before this printer would ever start to get old or wear out. They are durable photos, I am sure 100 people could handle them and they would not show to much wear and tear. This is a party trick, there is no doubt about it. If your looking for a WOW effect for your next get together, go for it. If you want to keep feeding your money into this little gem, I am sure it will keep giving you photos to pass around to your friends.” – by J. Rogers
Rating: ★★★★★

Love this little toy
“We bought this to go with us on vacation. thought it would be more fun for the kids to send postcards home that actually had them in the picture. We love this. We did have to search a bit to find the creditcard size paper tray (this add on was about 13 bucks). the pic quality is SOOO much nicer than than an inkjet. It is fun to watch it layer the colors and end up with a picture.” – by Trish the Dish
Rating: ★★★★★

It can be fast
“I used this printer with my Digital Rebel. It fed the paper almost immediately and started the printing process. Photos were done quickly. I find it valuable when visiting friends and family. I am able to leave photographic memories immediately. As for the price of photos, I don’t print every photo that I take, only ones that I can’t wait to print before I get home on my computer. This is definitely a nice little tool that can even be put in your camera bag. Don’t expect to find cheaper replacement ribbons on the third party printer cartridge sites. “ – by John J. Deis
Rating: ★★★★☆

Spectacular results
“For me (Windows XP Home edition), everything worked perfectly out of the box. Within 15 min of opening the box, I had pictures that easily beat the 1 hour photo machines in both detail and color. (I have a 6mp DSLR.) I used an SD card reader to transfer files from the camera to the computer, then used the Microsoft print wizard in MS Photo Manager to quickly size and send the print. This is a great tool to have for getting beautiful snapshots quickly.” – by R. Gold
Rating: ★★★★★


Canon CP-200 Brochure & User Guide

Canon CP-200 Brochure
Canon CP-200 User Guide

Features & Specifications

Canon CP-200 Features

It’s the coolest party toy since the Polaroid: the new Canon CP-200 Photo Printer. Connect it directly to your Powershot-series Canon or other PictBridge-supporting digital camera, and you’ll be printing snapshots and stickers faster than you can say “cheese.” PictBridge is an industry standard that lets you print images by directly connecting your compatible digital camera to your printer, regardless of the brand or model, without using a computer. The included USB cable adapter also lets you connect the CP-200 to your camera or your computer for access to images stored there.

Each wee image features 256-level color and 300 dpi resolution; the dye-sublimation process provides results similar to traditional photos, with rich detail and accurate skin tones. Supported papers include a variety of sizes, as well as bordered and borderless options. Whatever you choose, your images print in seconds–about 85 seconds for a postcard size, 40 for tiny labels or credit card size, when printing directly from Canon PowerShot cameras.

For added portability, the CP-200 supports an optional car battery adapter (model CBA-CP100). Canon provides a one-year warranty covering parts and service.

What’s in the Box:
Card Photo Printer CP-200 body, paper cassette (4-by-6-inch size), ink cassette, compact power adapter, CD-ROM driver, trial standard paper (4-by-6-inch size)

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