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Canon Poweshot A1100 IS is a 12 megapixels compact digital camera features 4x Optical Zoom (35mm film equivalent: 35-140mm) with Optical Image Stabilizer, DIGIC 4 Image Processor, ISO 80-3200, and a Large high-quality 2.5-inch LCD screen. The camera measures 3.76 x 2.46 x 1.22 in./95.4 x 62.4 x 31.0mm, weighs Approx. 5.47 oz./155g and running on AA-size Alkaline Battery (x2).
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Overall Rating: ★★★½☆ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Canon Poweshot A1100 IS Reviews

CameraLabs reviews the Canon Poweshot A1100 IS and writes;
“A1100 IS is a great budget-priced compact which offers simple point-and-shoot operation with a degree of control for those who want a little more involvement with their photography. Although not the most compact of designs by today’s standards, it looks good, feels robust and is comfortable to hold.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

PCMag reviews the Canon Poweshot A1100 IS and writes;
“The A1100 captures an average of 2,172 lines per picture height, a terrific result (anything over 1,800 is considered sharp). Towards the outer edges, which are typically not as sharp the center, the A1100 captured an average of 1,590 lines, which is still good. “
Rating: ★★★★☆

CNET reviews the Canon Poweshot A1100 IS and writes;
“The good: Viewfinder; simple operation; inexpensive; excellent photo quality for the money. The bad: Mixed performance; short battery life. The bottom line: Aside from a couple performance quibbles, the Canon PowerShot A1100 IS provides a good point-and-shoot experience with great pictures as a result.”
Rating: ★★★½☆ reviews the Canon Poweshot A1100 IS and writes;
“This camera is all about picture quality. It is not small enough to fit into a pocket and it does not have a sleek, stylish design, but it takes a very good picture. It offers a clear step up from more basic entry level digital cameras.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

MacWorld reviews the Canon Poweshot A1100 IS and writes;
“The PowerShot A1100 IS provides a very good price/performance ratio, and it’s even available in four fashionable colors (blue, green, grey, and pink). If you’re looking for a good entry-level camera, you should consider the A1100.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

PCWorld reviews the Canon Poweshot A1100 IS and writes;
“the A1100 had an excellent overall image quality score for its price category, though it dropped to the middle of the pack in our sharpness ratings. While I used the A1100, I couldn’t find any discernible distortion, vignetting, or chromatic aberration. “
Rating: ★★★★☆

DPinterface reviews the Canon Poweshot A1100 IS and writes;
“A1100 IS is a camera that I can recommend but not with a whole lot of enthusiasm. The camera takes good quality photos, has good performance and point-and-shoot feature set…”
Rating: N/A

Steve’sDigicams reviews the Canon Poweshot A1100 IS and writes;
“Outdoor image quality from the A1100 IS is excellent. Producing great exposures and vibrant colors, the camera captures exactly what the photographer sees… With a MSRP of US$199.99, we fell this camera will make an excellent choice for the home or office user. “
Rating: N/A

PhotographyBlog reviews the Canon Poweshot A1100 IS and writes;
“Overall the Canon Powershot A1100 IS adds a number of improvements to an already attractively designed camera, making it even more ideally suited to its family target audience. “
Rating: ★★★★☆

InfoSync reviews the Canon Poweshot A1100 IS and writes;
“Canon PowerShot A1100 IS excels when it comes to sharpness and detail.. Pros: Decent overall image quality. Great menu system. Cons: Inconsistent low light performance. Limited manual controls. “
Rating: ★★★½☆

User Opinions

Canon Poweshot A1100 IS User Opinion

Good | Rating: ★★★★☆
“Overall I am pleased with my camera. The zoom is a bit difficult to control.It is easy to over or under zoom.The icons need imigination to figure out because thy are small. The portrait icon should have a simple face and not lines that have to be connected to imagine a face… “ by David M.

Very grainy AUTO pictures | Rating: ★★☆☆☆
“I have a Canon Powershot G3 with which I have taken many beautiful pictures but it is big and heavy so I bought the Canon Powershot A1100 IS. This camera produces extremely grainy but over exposed pictures even in bright sunny situations using the AUTO mode…..” by Linda

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Canon Poweshot A1100 IS Samples

Canon Poweshot A1100 IS Sample Photos @ CameraLabs
Canon Poweshot A1100 IS Sample Photos @
Canon Poweshot A1100 IS Sample Photos @ DPInterface
Canon Poweshot A1100 IS Sample Photos @ Steve’sDigicams
Canon Poweshot A1100 IS Sample Photos @ PhotographyBlog
Canon Poweshot A1100 IS Sample Photos @ InfoSync


Canon Poweshot A1100 IS User Manual (PDF)

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– Download Canon Poweshot A1100 IS User Manual (PDF – 3.6 MB)


Canon Poweshot A1100 IS Press Release

Amstelveen, The Netherlands, 18 February 2009: Canon today gives everyone the power to take great photos, with the launch of the 12.1 Megapixel PowerShot A1100 IS and PowerShot A2100 IS. For the ultimate in easy picture-taking, both models incorporate Canon’s new Scene Detection Technology – available via an improved Easy mode and new Smart Auto mode – for excellent results without effort.

Featuring optical zoom lenses of 4x and 6x respectively, the PowerShot A1100 IS and PowerShot A2100 IS are powered by Canon’s latest DIGIC 4 image processor. This allows both models to deliver fast, responsive operation and outstanding, rich, detailed images. Replacing the A1000 and A2000 respectively, the PowerShot A1100 IS is available in blue, pink or silver, while the PowerShot A2100 IS features a classic black design.

High resolution, high quality lens
Both cameras are capable of capturing incredible levels of detail by combining a 12.1 Megapixel sensor with a high quality zoom lens – allowing you to enlarge or creatively crop images while retaining outstanding image detail. With a 4x optical zoom, the PowerShot A1100 IS delivers a range of flexible framing options, while the PowerShot A2100 IS delivers extra telephoto reach via a 6x optical zoom. Canon’s optical Image Stabilizer technology helps guard photos against the blurring effects of camera shake.

Intelligent and easy to use
Both cameras incorporate two fully automatic modes: new Smart Auto mode and an improved Easy mode. These use Canon’s Scene Detection Technology, which analyses the shooting scene in detail – assessing subject brightness, contrast, distance and overall hue – and selecting from a choice of 18 possible modes to ensure optimal results for any scene.

Also featured are Motion Detection and Face Detection Technology, both of which offer improved performance thanks to DIGIC 4 processing.

Motion Detection Technology prevents blur by registering camera or subject movement and adjusting settings to compensate; Face Detection Technology detects up to 35 faces in a frame and automatically adjusts key focus and exposure settings so everyone looks their best. Canon’s i-Contrast allows users to bring out hidden detail – for example, in areas of shadow – by brightening dark areas in an image without blowing out lighter areas.

A wide range of shooting modes are available in each model, including dedicated Indoor and Kids & Pets modes. These take care of all the technical aspects of shooting in a host of common shooting situations. Users can choose to simply point-and-shoot for terrific results.

Designed for convenience
Both models feature high quality movies, capturing 30 frames per second for smooth results. Frame and review images and movies on the large LCDs – the PowerShot A2100 IS features a 3.0” high resolution screen with five levels of brightness adjustment, and the PowerShot A1100 IS has a 2.5” LCD plus the convenience of an optical viewfinder.

“Canon has raised the IQ of the PowerShot A-Series with the introduction of increasingly clever new technologies,” remarked Rainer Fuehres, Head of Canon Consumer Imaging Europe. “The PowerShot A1100 IS and PowerShot A2100 IS are practical, easy-to-use models designed to give anyone outstanding results.”

The PowerShot A1100 IS and PowerShot A2100 IS feature a dedicated Print menu for quick access to direct print options. Full PictBridge support means users can print directly to any PictBridge compatible printer without the need for a PC. A Print/Share button allows one-touch printing and easy uploads to Windows or Mac systems.


The PowerShot A1100 IS and PowerShot A2100 IS feature a user interface that supports 26 languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Greek, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish, Thai, Arabic, Romanian, Ukrainian and Farsi.

Memory Card Support
In addition to SD, SDHC and MMC memory cards, the PowerShot A1100 IS and PowerShot A2100 IS support MMCplus and HC MMCplus card formats. Both cameras are supplied with a memory card.

2 Responses to “Canon Poweshot A1100 IS”

  1. aoi says:

    blue color for a1100 is good

  2. pablo l says:

    i own a Canon G9 – very versatile if you know what you are doing, but bulky and complicated to use. i have invested the time required to learn feature sets, have even bought the additional lenses and 150ft underwater cases my hobbies require… but very often the G9 is overkill. and hey, i even have an EOS that these days remains nearly unused given my usage patterns and priorities (as does a Rolleiflex 6×6 and a Leica, more shame to me, i know, you purists, but admit it already that you are the same).

    the A1100 complements the G9 or an SLR quite well in my opinion – it is very portable, and great for those times when you don’t want to overthing your shots and “compose” them.

    the A110 seems to combine very capable optics, excellent electronics and one of those rare user-friendly interfaces thse days. you can hand it over to people set in auto mode knowing that they will not be murdering most of the shots.

    in outdoors lighting, this camera produces excellent results – and that is irrespective of price point. at ISO 100 you will be hard pressed to tell an A1100 shot from a shot taken with a Canon EOS 50D that is 10x the price. indoors, to this date all electronics for some reason can not replace photographer smarts, so do yourself a favor: turn to manual (P), and define the focus area yourself with the usual (first) click to set (second) while keeping things down, move to compose. if you stick to that, the amazing inconsistency of camera electronics (it afflicts all of them, not just this one) can be easily kept in check.

    with that in mind, the A1100 produces images that can only be labelled as amazing – price point aside, and even more so considering the fact you can get it for barely more than good Eau De Toilette these days…

    the usability is great – people that complain about lack of manual settings ought to read the Canon literature, since this camera is designed to *eliminate* margin for error through experimentation. which honestly, when i look around, is what most people need, and what *I* need on many occasions (and i am a manual photography freak that is not shy to admit that often all i want and need is point and shoot, and i set the auto mode on my far more expensive “main” show-off camera, but would not admit to it as a rule :-D).

    this is not the smallest, sleekest camera you can get, but it means you don’t need to train your hamster to operate all the tiny buttons that come with hyper-compacts, and also that you can get very decent battery life out of regular over the shelf AA batteries. once you pay the requiste $50+ for prorietary vendor batteries you will come to appreciate that, especially in cameras under the $200 range (which is all the vast majority of people need).

    i think this is a totally amazing value proposition, and unless you are put off by the fact that you have managed to convinced yourself you MUST spend more than $300 to enjoy the pictures you take, hey, try this out, and be amazed by how advances in digital photography are changing the paradigm of good pictures…

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