Camera Stabilising Bag

We’ve posted an alternative to a tripod/monopod for those don’t want the extra weight of a tripod. Well, here’s another product that might be a little bit more expensive than a walking stick but has more benefits of a regular tripod without the size and weight


The Camera Stabilising Bag (CSB) gives you all the benefits of a regular tripod without the size and weight! Capture a stunning sunset, perfect that personal portrait or sharpen those night shots with this amazingly lightweight piece of camera kit. With lens support like this, you’ll have a safe platform for even the longest zoom lens but without the worry of your camera slipping or moving like you might expect with some of the more lightweight tripods.

Camera Stabilising Bag Features:

* A unique flexible lens stabilizing cradle for SLR’s and Lens changing video camera’s
* Hard wearing waterproof nylon material that moulds to your camera giving an ideal safe level platform
* Two separate compartments that can be filled for optimum performance
* An inbuilt waterproof travel pouch (compacts itself into the size of a tennis ball!)
* Can be filled with rice, dirt, gravel, beans anything thats a hand!
* Suitable for ages 16 years +
* Size 22 cm long, 21 cm wide. Tennis ball size when converted into travel pouch
* Colours Black, Navy Blue and Dark Green

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