Camera Phone Vs. Digital Camera has an interesting article comparing the image quality of a 2 megapixel Nokia N90 to a compact digital camera. In conclusion they write:

cameraphone_vs_Digital Pocket

” Photos taken outdoors on the Nokia N90 proved to be very nice. You can see plenty of detail at the front of the picture where we locked the auto-focus. In fact, the auto-focus system found the the hay at the front, while we couldn’t lock the digital camera on the small object at all. That’s why both photos above are focused a little bit further and not on the nearest hay. In any case, the digital camera image shows more details and its color balance is better.

… If you want to be absolutely sure you always have a camera with you, go for a high-end camera phone – the image quality is good, especially in outdoors pictures. Many holiday photographers only need a product like the N90 for keeping their sunny memories. For indoors or sports photography, capturing distant objects with a zoom, or if you believe you’ll be getting serious with photography, consider a dedicated digital camera and a phone.”

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