Airport Security Camera Bag

The Think Tank Airport Security Camera Bag is designed to take the maximum amount of gear possible as legal carry-on, especially on INTERNATIONAL travel.

Camera Airport Security Bag


PPMag reviews the Think Tank Airport Security Camera Bag and writes;
“What makes this a great case for a working photographer? Four qualities stand out: stability, ergonomics, versatility, and clean design. When rolling, the wide-track wheel placement at the back corners of the case keeping it balanced…My overall impression of both the Airport Security Roller and the Pro Modulus system is that they fully live up to Think Tank’s credo of “designing highly functional bags for photographers (to support them) in doing their jobs.” Much of the credit for this is that the designers listen directly to working photographers, and that two of the four principals in the company are working photojournalists themselves.”


Airport Security was designed specifically to alleviate professional and other serious photographers’ four greatest fears:
Fear #1: “Being separated from my gear.” With Airport Security designed to fit within most airline overhead bins, photographers can roll their gear—including their largest lenses and multiple bodies—on board and store it near them.
Fear #2: “Having my gear stolen.” Airport Security built-in security features include combination locks for the zipper sliders and a security cable that can be used to secure the bag to immovable objects.
Fear #3: “Carrying heavy gear injures my body.” A roller is one of the most convenient methods for transporting large amounts of heavy gear without incurring injury.
Fear #4: “My gear will be damaged.” The Airport Security’s zippers and wheels are warranted and it is manufactured with ballistic nylon and YKK RC Fuse Zippers. Airport Security is designed to withstand the rigors of photojournalism, wedding, commercial, advertising, and other photographic specialties requiring that equipment be transported and then used in the field.

The Airport Security can be configured to hold all types of photographic equipment. Specifically, it will hold large lenses with lens hoods up to 8” in diameter. The bottom of the compartment is so deep that it will hold most 70-200 2.8’s vertically, thus saving space.

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