Better pictures – Introducing the Progress Journal

Contributing to ‘MyShutterspace’ has been a real eye-opener for me. Not only have I met some really nice genuine people I’ve come to realize my worst fears about the way the average amateur photographer approaches the craft. Or should I say, stumbles into it. I am more convinced now than I ever was, that the approach to photography by amateurs is totally wrong.

Visual Diary
Moleskine by reflexive_voyager

In a word or two they start holding the wrong end of the stick. I’m excluding those who want to take ‘snaps’ of the new baby, the dog or the Xmas party. If you happened fit in this category this post is not aimed directly at you, although you are welcome to read on. On the other hand you can toddle off and play among yourselves and snap to your heart’s content. Good on you.

No, I’m referring to those who have a creative desire to produce images that reach out and touch people, capture imagination, resonate and enrich the lives of people who are influenced by them.

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