Best Digital Photography Books for Digital Photographers

In 2005 there were more digital imaging books published than ever before and trying to pick some of the best was difficult. So here’s the best books for digital photographers according to

Creative Photoshop Lighting Techniques; by Barry Huggins; Lark Books; 192 pages.

Creative Photoshop Lighting Techniques (A Lark Photography Book)

Shutterbug: “This book has cogent text, beautiful photography and extraordinary production values that combine to create a book where readers will find usefull information on every page. There’s more than weather effects with entire chapters on creating reflections, working with the “Quality of Light,” and creating special lighting effects.”

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Up To Speed (Photoshop CS2); by Ben Willmore; Peachpit Press; 172 pages.

Photoshop CS2 : Up To Speed

Shutterbug: “This book tells Photoshop CS2 users what’s new and different from the previous version. No more sifting through 500 pages explaining stuff you already know to get to what’s new in CS2. Skip to the Photography section for one of the briefest yet best discussions on working with Adobe Camera Raw you’ll find anywhere. “

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Digital Fashion Photography; by Chris Tarantino and Ken Tan; Thomson Course Technology; 256 pages

Digital Fashion Photography

Shutterbug: “’s full of step by step tips on creating fashion photographs, including planning, lighting, and postproduction, but it’s the images themselves that will inspire you to use these techniques to create your own fashion photographs. All of the images have their own unique style, which also makes the book a valuable resource. An unbeatable combination of minimalist text with big spectacular fashion imagery make Digital Fashion Photography a must-have book. “

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Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Photographers; by Martin Evening; Focal Press; 676 pages.

Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Photographers: A Professional Image Editor's Guide to the Creative Use of Photoshop for the Macintosh and PC

Shutterbug: “..Martin Evening’s hefty volume is an epic reference work for readers who need to know every detail of using Photoshop CS2. He dissects the program and examines each and every one of its functions in microscopic detail, usually illustrated with wonderful (but small) photographs. Along the way there are diversions. Plopped down in the middle is a chapter on digital capture and while Evening includes the inevitable discussion on scanner types, he quickly moves on to show you how to get the most out of your images that may have originally been captured on film. A similar section follows, showing how to squeeze the most out of every pixel, including a look at digital workflow.”

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The Digital Color Printing Handbook; by Tim Daly; Amphoto/Watson-Guptill Publications; 156 pages.

The Digital Color Printing Handbook: Getting better colors from your photographs

Shutterbug: ” This book is not about how to make prints from your image files; it is about creating photographs that can be printed. There is more information on scanning and color management than printing; these subjects, like everything else in the book, are covered in wonderful detail that will help those new to digital imaging prepare images for fine art printing, which is really the book’s focus. .”

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Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2; by Bruce Fraser; Peachpit Press; 316 pages

Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2

Shutterbug: “..The book is not only current, it’s comprehensive and more complete than his last one, this time including information on the DNG (Digital Negative) format and Adobe Bridge that was introduced with Photoshop CS2…Illustrations are plentiful, and while the photography won’t win any awards, this book is about the technical size of raw image making and it attains that goal remarkably well.”

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Painter IX Creativity; by Jeremy Sutton; Focal Press; 480 pages

Painter IX Creativity: Digital Artists Handbook

Shutterbug: “..Corel’s Painter is a wonderful program for creating dramatic digital images, and this book is your gateway. Take my advice: buy this book and download a trial Mac OS or Windows version ( of Painter and it can change your life—digitally speaking. “

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Digital Infrared Photography; by Patrick Rice; Amherst Media; 128 pages

Digital Infrared Photography : Professional Techniques and Images

Shutterbug: “.. Patrick Rice’s digital infrared photography is stunning and his text will be extremely useful for image-makers who want to try this unique pursuit. While there are a few landscape and architectural images, the book reflects Rice’s wedding and portrait photography, including an arresting cover shot that shows how digital IR is more than just a technique that makes tree leaves and grass white. In fact, there are no trees or grass in the romantic and involving wedding portrait on the cover! While many of the images were made with filters, some were made with a camera converted specifically to make IR images.. “

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