Benro A2970F

Benro A2970F is a Versatile Tripod with Aluminum Flip Lock Legs for its leg construction and ideal for use with DSLR. The tripod features Adjustable Leg Angles, Quick Lock Legs with Anti-Rotation Leg System, Stainless Steel Spiked or Rubber Feet, Closed-Cell Foam Grip, Column-Locking Setknobs, Head Mounting Setscrews, Center-Column Hook, and Shoulder Strap and Carry Case. The Benro A2970F has Max Height (24° Leg Angle) w/ Column Extended 68.8 in (1748 mm), Folded Length 26 in (660 mm), and weighs 4.5 lbs (2 kg).

Overall Rating: ★★★★★ | Latest Price Info

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Benro A2970F User Reviews

Great Bargain
“It is solid as a rock and has features that I haven’t even used yet. It’s heavy and since I don’t plan to hike great distances with it, that’s a good thing. No worry about it moving around in the wind. All in all I have to say it’s worth every penny of the current selling price of $154.00.” – By 7 Toed Pete
Rating: ★★★★★

Very Solid and Versatile Tripod
“The Benro A2970F is a very solid tripod. I have been searching for the perfect tripod that wouldn’t bust the back and I think I have found it. The main thing I was looking for was a tripod that could be at eye level without extending the center column. This tripod certainly does that.” – By HaroldC3P0
Rating: ★★★★★

Unexpectly… Impressed
“In terms of construction, this is the real deal. There is nothing in this tripod that tells you that you purchased a value tripod. It is completely high quality, the movements are smooth; a totally high quality product.” – By Harry M. Shin
Rating: ★★★★★

“These are much better than the manfrotto’s if you want to use it as base for an slider. With this you can get any angle on the slider, without having to buy an expensive head to handle a heavy slider. I am returning my manfrotto and getting another of this instead. Also it has the bag, which is a cool one.” – By Rafael Sanches
Rating: ★★★★★

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Benro A2970F Reviews

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Benro A2970F User Manual

– Download Benro A2970F User Manual (PDF – 3.4Mb)

Features & Specifications

Benro A2970F Features & Specifications

Benro A2970F Versatile Transformer Tripod now incorporates all of Benro’s latest technology and materials. Utilizing full magnesium alloy castings for greater performance, more stable vibration reduction and lighter weight than comparable aluminum alloys. Featuring the new Benro flip lever leg lock design, setup is faster and smoother than ever before. The Versatile Transformer provides photographers with the ability to rotate and angle the center column in virtually any required configuration. Available with either QHIM-8X Carbon Fiber or Machined Aluminum alloy legs, the Versatile Transformer is the most versatile performer.

* Top Plate or Base Plate Diameter 2.2in
* Maximum Load 22lbs
* Product or Folded Height 26in
* Maximum Height w/Column Retracted 58.1in
* Maximum Height 68.8in
* Leg Size 2
* Leg Sections 3
* Leg Lock Type Flip Lock Independent
* Leg Spread Yes-with 3 stops
* Head Mount 1/4-20 & 3/8-16
* Foot Mount Screw Thread 3/8
* Foot Type Removable Rubber-Spiked
* Foot Size 24mm
* Weight 4.5lbs / 2.04kg.

Adjustable Leg Angles
For an extra measure of flexibility, Benro tripod legs can be independently locked into place at three different angles to enable shooting in cramped quarters, on irregular surface areas, or at ground level

Quick Lock Legs with Anti-Rotation Leg System
Tripod height can easily be set by a flip of the quick lock leg levers, which combined with anti-rotation legs enable fast and fumble-free set-up

Stainless Steel Spiked or Rubber Feet
Most Benro tripods come equipped with a choice of screw-in rubber feet or stainless steel spiked feet

Closed-Cell Foam Grip
A thick layer of closed-cell nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) provides a comfortable yet firm grip when carrying your Benro tripod

Column-Locking Setknobs
The angle and position of the adjustable center-column can be locked into place with a single twist of the center-column setknob

Head Mounting Setscrews
Setscrews provide an extra level of security when attaching the head to the tripod’s top-plate

Center-Column Hook
A hook, located on the bottom of the center-column, allows you to hang additional weight from the tripod’s center of gravity for increased stability

Shoulder Strap and Carry Case
Benro straps and carrying cases are made of quality, high-durability materials to provide maximum protection for your tripod and head

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