BenQ Introduces New Monitors with Senseye+Photo Technology.

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – BenQ today introduces two additions to its award-winning LCD monitor lineup with the 17-inch BenQ FP73G S and 19-inch BenQ FP93G S LCD monitor, featuring a super slim bezel design, an ultra fast 5mm response time and Senseye+Photo technology. The BenQ FP73G S / FP93G S features the enhanced Senseye technology – the Senseye+Photo technology, which transmits consistent colors through the sRGB color gamut, providing consistent and accurate color reproduction. With Senseye+Photo, the photos on the screen and on print outs will always be consistent in colors.


Super slim bezel design

The new BenQ 17-inch FP73G S offer users an optimum viewing space with its ultra-narrow 12mm bezel design while the new 19-inch FP93G S also features an all-around width of just 13mm, giving both monitors a crisp and clean form factor. The ultra-narrow bezel allows the distance between images shrinks to a mere 24mm/26mm, yielding greater productivity and comfortable viewing of large amounts of data. The two monitors are ideal for professional applications such as finance, health care, research, and communications centers as well as for home entertainment, computer graphics, and desktop publishing applications.

Ultra-fast 5ms response time

The BenQ FP73G S/FP93G S offer an ultra-fast 5ms response time which ensures better performance of video playback and produce flawless fast-moving action scenes with no ghosting or quirks. Apart from their ultra-fast response time, the two monitors also feature a high contrast ratio of 700:1 and a brightness of 300 cd/m2.

Dual input for maximum compatibility

Equipped with both traditional D-Sub and next-generation DVI inputs, the BenQ FP73G S/FP93G S provides the best possible picture quality and video performance regardless of analog or digital inputs.

Source: BenQ Press Release

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  1. h c muller says:

    have a senseye+phone screen but does not know how to move the screen to the right as no buttom on the screen to implement this

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