Bedouin Ventures Announces MicroStock Watcher


Microstock Widget Retrieves Earnings, Downloads


(Seattle, WA) – Bedouin Ventures, LLC, ( today released MicroStock Watcher™, a widget that allows microstock photography contributors to quickly retrieve earnings for up to six microstock sites. MicroStock Watcher™ is Bedouin Ventures’ second software release.

MicroStock Watcher™ is a widget that runs on both the Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger) and Microsoft XP Yahoo! Widget (a/k/a Konfabulator) platforms. The Mac OSX Tiger Dashboard version is available immediately, and the Yahoo! Widget version will be available soon, according to Bedouin Ventures. The widget quickly retrieves earnings, downloads and uploads for six of the largest microstock photography agencies. Using a simple and intuitive interface, the widget allows microstock photography contributors to follow their statistics in real time.

Microstock photography agencies provide statistical information to their photographers at special areas of their own websites, but MicroStock Watcher™ is the first software application that allows artists to check their stats at multiple sites simultaneously. The widget features refresh buttons for each microstock agency as well as a “refresh all” button that retrieves information for all sites. MicroStock Watcher™ typically retrieves relevant statistics for up
to six sites in less than 30 seconds. The widget also allows users to click on links to take them directly to the agencies’ websites.

The August 2006 release of MicroStock Watcher™ is capable of retrieving data from six microstock agencies: iStockphoto, Dreamstime, Shutterstock, StockXpert, LuckyOliver, and Fotolia. Bedouin Ventures, the publisher of MicroStock Watcher, indicated that if demand for coverage of other microstock agencies was sufficient, additional agencies would be supported in future updates.

MicroStock Watcher is the second software release from Bedouin Ventures, LLC. The company’s first product, BabelPix™, translates embedded keywords into foreign languages to offer photographers the ability to sell in markets outside their own language sphere.

MicroStock Watcher™ is available from Bedouin Ventures for $15 at the following website:

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