As Simple As Photoshop Version 6.1

Andrei Doubrovski has released version 6.1 of video-book “As Simple As Photoshop”.

As Simple As Photoshop
Download Demo for: Windows | Mac

This course offers you an original method of a quick but total immersion into the Photoshop environment. Are you looking for Photoshop CS3 video course? Every tutorial here is packed with a short movie showing some practical usage of the wordy lesson. 104 embedded clips may be played as a single full-length and full-size movie (total running time about 3 hours). The elaborated controls allow users instant finding a required page or episode.

In the meantime, the book’s interface features all the essential functions available in popular “readers” and web browsers – table of contents, history, bookmarks, text search, etc.

Moreover, “ASAP” (stands for As Simple As Photoshop) is more than just a book and smarter than just a video. This fusion of the two media suggests new learning approach. For example, you use full-text search to find a particular movie episode, and then bookmark it. Or click a text link and see the related movie frame.

The video-book is available as Windows and Mac packages. (Although the movies show Windows environment the course is also compatible with Mac version of Photoshop.)

The both builds are offered for US to download (file size is just 29 Mb) or for CD shipping.

For more info and demo-books (15 of 104 movies included) please visit:

Submitted by Andrei Doubrovski

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