AgfaPhoto launches storage media for digital cameras

AgfaPhoto is now offering a comprehensive new range of top quality memory cards for digital cameras (Flash Memory Cards) which have long service life, low power consumption and fast to ultra- fast write and read access.

The new memory cards are called “Digital Film”, a name chosen to convey the function of the cards to the consumer in simple words and to help overcome the technology-related inhibitions sometimes associated with such products.

Digital Film is available as an assortment of the most commonly used types of memory card. The range includes not only the most widespread cards, the super-fast and robust Secure Digital Card and the Compact Flash Card, but also MultiMediaCard, Memory Stick and SmartMedia Card types. Depending on card type, these products are available with memory capacities of 64 MB to 1 GB. The offering is rounded off by the AgfaPhoto USB Stick 2.0.

The new Digital Film memory cards are compatible with all common digital cameras, and also with other devices such as hand-held PCs or digital camcorders.

AgfaPhoto is presenting the memory cards in a unique, pictorial design, based on analogue film and the underlying AgfaPhoto concept of “Pictures of Happiness”. A colour code makes it easier to distinguish between the different types of card. For instance, blue will stand for the SD Cards and green for the CF Cards.

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