AFS Nikkor 300 mm f/2.8 VR lens

Bjørn Rørslett has reviewed the new AFS Nikkor 300 mm f/2.8 VR lens and wrote:


“In terms of optical quality, the VR version of the old classic f/2.8 telephoto is the best yet. Colour saturation and image contrast are great, details are rendered with tremendous clarity, and the superb bokeh probably would endear the VR model to many people, including yours truly. I have to admit that going back to my old, AFS 300 mm f/2.8 Mk.I and having to put up with its questionable bokeh when that lens is stopped down, wasn’t easy. But I resent the idea of having to purchase yet another 300mm lens, and besides, for my line of work the new 300 VR wouldn’t be perfect. Downsides – once again – poor VR performance when the lens is mounted on a tripod, and a not acceptable tripod collar arrangement. You have to decide whether or not these drawbacks are show-stoppers for your personal shooting assignments. If you shoot from a monopod or can have sufficiently short shutter speeds, the tripod-mounted inadequacies may not be noticed at all. I expect a huge number of sports photographers will take to this lens as ducks take to water, thus the 300/2.8 VR likely will be the reference medium-length Nikkor from now on. Exeunt the old workhorse, enter the new King.”

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