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Last Updated: Photoshop CS3 Review by PCMag (added on 01 May’07)

Adobe has released the successor of Adobe Photoshop CS2. The Adobe® Photoshop® CS3 beta is prerelease software and is designed for evaluation purposes only. Installing Photoshop CS3 beta will also install new beta versions of Adobe Bridge, Adobe Device Central, ExtendScript Toolkit, Adobe Version Cue®, and Adobe Stock Photos. You can register and download the software here


>> REVIEWS (last updated: 01.05.07)

PCMag reviews the Adobe Photoshop CS3 ratign: 4.5/5 and writes;
“Another feature that has seen huge changes is Camera RAW. For starters, it now opens not only raw formatted images but also the JPEGs and TIFFs that might be found on your camera card. Camera RAW also now contains many Photoshop features such as cloning, healing, and monochrome conversion… Bottom line: Adobe Photoshop CS3 offers some killer new features, such as non-destructive filtering, a newly flexible interface, excellent monochrome conversion, and terrific cloning enhancements. Photoshop remains the best option for getting anything done in the field of computer graphics”

CNET reviews the Adobe Photoshop CS3 ratign: 8.3/10 and writes;
“The good: Productivity is much improved thanks to speed increases, workflow enhancements, and a more-streamlined interface; nice black-and-white conversion capabilities; no more ImageReady. The bad: No real enhancements made to meat-and-potatoes masking features; print layout tools still sadly lacking. The bottom line: With its streamlined tools, enhanced nondestructive editing capabilities, and better performance, Adobe Photoshop CS3 will look very attractive to almost any user.”

PopPhotoMag has a preview of the Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta;
“If you never upgraded from versions 7.0 or CS, Photoshop CS3 is definitely the one to jump on. It’s the first update in years to sport significant improvements in the interface. The new edition of Bridge, which comes with it, is action-packed. And, combined with all the improvements to Camera RAW, also included, you’re really getting three excellent pieces of software for the price of one.”

Shutterbug reviews the Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta and writes;
“Adding everything up, the increase in overall speed, as well as many refined and efficient features make this version worthy of upgrading from CS2. There are quite a few things, like the much improved raw processing and black and white conversion functions, that should be further incentive for an upgrade. If nothing else, trying out the beta is a no-cost way to know for sure whether the upgrade is something worthwhile for you. So, who gets the most out of this? Adobe, in a more thoroughly tested beta, or users who get a no-cost preview before committing and an early use of some neat new features? It’s a toss-up. If you venture into beta testing before release there really isn’t all that much to lose.”

Photoshop4Photographers has published a preview of the Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta and writes;
“My own personal view is that I very much like the new Photoshop CS3 interface design. I am also enthused by the new things you can do with features such as the Align Content feature and how this has been implemented to enhance Photomerge, which have all featured in this introductory chapter. I would also rate the new Clone Source palette for providing accurate clone control, the Black and White adjustment and new Curves dialog and even Brightness/Contrast, for improved pixel editing. The Refine Edges command has a lot of great potential, especially as you can use it to edit layer masks as well as selections. In my opinion, these new features all provide practical tools for photographic Photoshop users.”

ThinkCamera has published a preview of the Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta and writes;
“Photoshop C3 is an amazing piece of software it’s intuitive to the point of being spooky, its main remit is to streamline workflow and this obviously makes your life a lot easier. Many time consuming jobs are reduced to single or double clicks – it’s just a dream to use. C3 can appear complicated at the outset but you don’t have to get stuck in, you can take things steady and go at your own pace. This software will leave you in no doubt, you’re the one in control. As with any new software, there are glitches and to find out about these just visit some of the more popular forums but as a beta test, this software rocks.”

Macworld has published a preview of the Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta and writes;
” Most operations see a little improvement, and some realize a substantial gain. Launching is more than twice is fast, clocking in at 20 seconds on my 2GHz MacBook Pro Core Duo, versus 50 seconds for a Photoshop CS2 launch. In my tests, sharpen and blur filters were more than twice as fast in CS3 as CS2, and I found that these numbers scale consistently with larger images. Other operations such as CMYK conversion and resizing with bicubic interpolation were only faster by a second or two. Macworld Lab is doing more formal benchmarks on the public beta; we’ll publish those at shortly.”

>> RESOURCES (last updated: 30 March’07)

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