8 Megapixel 30D – Why, oh Why ?

With many people were disappointed with the launch of Canon EOS 30D equipped with only 8 megapixel sensor, ImagingResource has done a brief interview with Chuck Westfall, Canon USA’s Director of Media and Customer Relationship, on the subject.

Canon EOS 30d

IR: Congratulations on the launch of the EOS 30D. I wanted to try to answer a few questions that we’re hearing about the 30D’s decidedly evolutionary changes. While most features are welcome, some potential customers have expressed surprise and disappointment that the sensor resolution hasn’t changed. Is Canon concerned about how the 8.2 megapixel 30D will be received in the traditionally megapixel-driven, “more is better” market?

Westfall: We realize that the EOS 30D may not be everyone’s idea of a next-generation digital SLR, but we are confident that it adds value to our line-up. After all, it is based on the hugely successful EOS 20D, which has established a solid reputation for high performance at its price point. By improving the feature set and reducing the price, we feel that the EOS 30D is a compelling product that will satisfy the needs of a wide variety of photographers.”

>> Read the complete interview at ImagingResource.com

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