2012 Voies Off Prize Photo Contest

Voies Off has invites photographers participate on 2012 Voies Off Prize Photo Contest. The photo contest has been organized for the past 17 years and the prize has been awarded by a jury of renowned professionals to an artist for the clarity of his vision and the high quality of his work. And the Voies Off night projections on the Rencontres d’Arles festival (first full week in July) have become an international reference for the discovery of emerging authors and the alternative venue. Now, the Voies Off open for entries through 20th January. The winner will receive €2,500. For more information and participate please go to the Voeis Off site.


2012 Voies Off Prize Rules Participation

No restriction regarding age or nationality.

* The Voies Off Prize is open for participants: all amateur or professional photographers, artists, associations, collectives, groups, galleries, agencies, or schools… using photography as their medium.

* The entries must be shows the originality and a personal approach that will be selected by a commission. The works must be matched with a theme of the photo contest and can be developed as a personal vision that coherent with the theme.

* The main criterion considered by the commission will be a personal and creative vision.

Jury and award

The winner of the competitions will be selected by a jury composed of renowned professionals and the artistic director of Voies Off. The jury is sovereign in its decision that shall not be appealed.

The 2012 Voies Off Award is 2,500 euros.

Schedule of the Photo Contest

* The participants will be get the results by email.

* No other form of communication will be used.

* The result of the jury’s selection for the 2012 festival will be announced in May 2012.

* The winning portfolio will be announced in July 2012.

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