2008 International Photography Awards

The International Photography Awards (IPA) conducts two parallel competitions each year: one for professional photographersm, and a second for non-professional photographers all around the world.


You can enter by simply fill out the entry form and send it with your work to IPA. The deadline for submissions to the 2008 International Photography Awards is April 30, 2008.


3 Responses to “2008 International Photography Awards”

  1. eke lekwuwa says:

    Help…i have always want to be an international photographer with a passion.please would sombody advice me on the best way of going with this passion.please write me and i will highly apppretiate your advice.remain blessed

  2. eke lekwuwa says:

    Notify me on the best way of becoming an international photographer.am lost to it with a passion.

  3. andrew says:

    I love this photo contest…but they have to check better the winners!
    I found something very strange in a winner image of
    Entry Title: ” COWBOYS AND HORSES”
    Name: Daisy Gilardini, Switzerland

    some images are very similar or better EQUAL to another famous photographer:

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