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Video Tutorial: Photo Editing And Warping With Gimp

Learn how to make Bill Gates looks like a clown with Gimp

Sigma Hack: Infrared Photography with Sigma SD14

PopPhoto has published an article on how you can hack the Sigma SD14 DSLR camera to take infrared photographs easily, and most importantly, keep your camera warranty valid.


“The reason the IR filter is so easy to remove on the SD14 is to allow the owner to clean their own sensor. This manufacturing choice is an awesome side effect that makes the SD14 one of the few, if not only, hot-swappable IR/visible spectrum SLRs available. Unlike with most other SLRs, which have the IR cutoff just in front of the chip, the IR cutoff filter of the SD14 sits in front of the reflex mirror, and it’s a simple process to pop it out. We highly recommend wearing lint-free cotton gloves while removing it to reduce the risk of getting a greasy thumbprint in the middle of the glass for when you re-install it.”



- Sigma SD14 Reviews & Sample Photos

Inspiring Photo: Find Your Own Way

Very nice post processing. Absolutely Love the composition, perspective, and the shadow that leads your eyes up to the front door

Photo Inspiration: (photo_title}
McDougall Church: Located West of Cochrane on Highway 1A.

find your own way, originally uploaded by .ruzz.

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Free Software: ImageOne


Name: ImageOne
Description: ImageOn is a free application for managing your digital photo collection. It is simply, the fastest, easiest to use photo management application available. The freeware handles very large image collections with ease and supports dynamic zooming as well as drag&drop cataloguing. ImageOne can also display hidden Exif meta data or be used as an import helper for image transfers from digital camera to pc. The cataloguing options are very basic, so this is a good start vor beginners to create their first archives.
License: Free
File Size: 1.24 MB
Requirements: Windows

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Inspiring Photo: Freedom

Fantastic photo with great colors, composition and very interesting shadow which I think made this an extraordinary shot.

Photo Inspiration: (photo_title}

freedom, originally uploaded by virginiaz.

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Nikon Capture NX Tips and Tricks

Latest News:
- Nikon launches the Capture NX 2 (03 june’08)

Do you want to master your Capture NX? Nikon has recently published 20 downloadable tips and tricks documents for its Capture NX editing software. The documents are easy step by step guides which will allow you to get more from your software. All tutorial documents are provided in .pdf format.

You can donwload the .pdf reader here for easy download and print.


>> Download Nikon Capture NX Tutorials
(Firefox: right click > save link as || Microsoft IE: right click > save target as)

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Video Tutorial: Add Realistic Steam

Learn how you can add a realistic steam to a cup of coffee/tea using Adobe Photoshop.

Video Tutorial: Frosty Effect

Inspiring Photo: Look, No Eyes

Incredible portrait, full of warmth and happiness!

Photo Inspiration: (photo_title}
Denial of vision for the sake of laughter, she was a happy woman !

look, no eyes, originally uploaded by phitar.

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Inspiring Photo: Still

Photo Inspiration: (photo_title}
Silhouette of soldier during the Still at the State War Memorial Precinct, Kings Park, Perth, Western Australia on ANZAC Day (25 April).

ANZAC: Still, originally uploaded by Devar.

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