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Fujifilm Finepix E900 – Review @ PhotographyBlog

DigitalCameraReview has recently posted a review on Fujifilm Finepix E900, 9 Megapixels SuperCCD digital camera with 4x optical zoom and 2″ TFT LCD screen.


“The Fujifilm Finepix E900 produced images of excellent quality during the review period. The Fujifilm Finepix E900 dealt very well with chromatic aberrations, with limited purple fringing effects appearing only in high contrast situations. Macro performance is slightly below average, allowing you to focus as close as 7.5 cms away from the subject. The RAW format is only worth using if you own Adobe Photoshop CS2, as the supplied software only allows you to save as a TIFF with no image adjustments. The built-in flash worked fairly well indoors, with a small amount of red-eye and slight over-exposure.”

>> Fujifilm Finepix E900 Latest Price
>> Fujifilm Finepix E900 Review Roundup and Sample Photos
>> Fujifilm FinePix E900 Zoom Sample Photos posted @ PhotographyBlog

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Fujifilm Finepix V10 – Review @ CNET Asia

CNET Asia have recently published a review of the Fujifilm FinePix V10, a 5.1 megapixel point-and-shoot digital camera (Super CCD) with 3x optical zoom, a huge 3″ LCD screen and the ability to play game on the camera.. They give the camera 6.8 out of 10 and write;


“Image quality on the FinePix V10 was an ambiguous situation. The pictures we took outdoors in ample light were generally good, but indoor images were less than satisfactory when the camera increased the ISO. Our pictures exhibited washed-out highlights with some loss of details, especially when taken against a brightly lit background. In addition, we also noticed very slight barrel distortion at the wide-angle end of the zoom and some purple fringing in our pictures. “

>> Fujifilm FinePix V10 Review Roundup & Sample Pictures
>> Fujifilm FinePix V10 Hottest Price

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Photoshop Video Tutorial: Aged Photos

In this Photoshop video tutorial you will learn how to do Sepia toning, Adding a border to images and Ripped edge effect …

Tutorial by 2MPT

Olympus Stylus MJU 720 SW – Review @ CNET

CNEt have recently published a review of the Olympus Mju Digital 720 SW, a 7.1 megapixel point-and-shoot digital camera featuring water-proof (JIS level 8 – allowing it to be up to 110 feet underwater) & shock-proof (to MIL-STD-810F standards – dropable up to 1.5m) metal body with 3x optical zoom (equivalent to 38-114mm) and 2.5″ TFT LCD screen.


“..picture quality is acceptable but prone to noticeable amounts of visual noise; as is common, noise increases with the ISO..The Olympus Stylus 720 SW’s combination of resolution and waterproof durability are, to date, unparalleled for a camera of this size and class. For adventurous types, those benefits will probably outweigh issues with usability and middling indoor image quality.”

>> Olympus Mju Digital 720 SW Review Roundup and Sample Pictures
>> Olympus Mju Digital 720 SW Latest Price

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Nikon D200 Wins Camera Grand Prix 2006 Award


TOKYO – Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce that the D200 Digital SLR Camera has been selected by Japan’s Camera Press Club to receive the Camera Grand Prix 2006 award. The Camera Grand Prix is the Japanese photo industry’s most prestigious award for a camera. It is determined by a panel of 49 (in 2006) respected photographers, scholars and technical writers in the field of photography, as well as chief editors and magazine representatives of each of the 12 magazines that comprise the Camera Press Club. A total of 149 cameras – all released between April 2005 and March 2006 – were nominated for the Camera Grand Prix award 2006. The Nikon D200 was chosen as the most outstanding camera from among these nominees to receive the Camera Grand Prix award.

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Genuine Fractals Overview Video

This video will show you a quick tour of the user interface for the Photoshop plug-in for high-quality image re-sizing, Genuine Fractals.

Video by Mike Wong

Canon PowerShot A430 – Review @ CamerasUK

CamerasUK have recently published a review of Canon PowerShot A430, a 4.0 megapixels (CCD sensor) point-and-shoot digital camera with 4x Optical Zoom lens (39 – 156mm equivalent), and a 1.8″ LCD screen


“The Powershot A430 proves that you do not need to spend lots and lots of money to buy a digital camera capable of taking a good shot. This camera produced a set of test shots that were head and shoulders above those produced by a number of far more expensive cameras. Looking through my test shots there is not a single photo that I would single out as not being up to standard. In fact there are some surprisingly good shots in the set. The sharpness of each picture is retained towards the edges. This is an area where other cameras struggle. All in all this is very impressive. “

>> Canon PowerShot A430 Review Roundup & Sample Pictures
>> Canon PowerShot A430Latest Price

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Olympus E-330 Firmware Update (Version 1.1)

Olympus has recently released the latest firmware for Olympus E-330. The Olympus E-330 Firmware Version 1.1 will Improve image quality of 10x enlargement in Live-View B mode (macro live view). The new firmware will also change the Live-View B mode (macro live view) which now can be used in underwater macro mode and underwater wide mode . (Only when the mode dial is customized) and improve the Korean Language menu.


>> Download Olympus E-330 Firmware Update (Version 1.1)
>> Check the latest price on Olympus E-330

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Royal PF80 Digital Picture Album


Display Your Family’s Digital Picture Trove With Easy-To-Use Digital Albums

SOMERSET, N.J. — The popularity of digital cameras has created one significant problem: How can we share all our wonderful digital pictures with family and friends?

Click on the image above to check the latest price on Digital Frames

Royal Consumer Information Products has provided the solution with the introduction of two innovative and lifestyle-accommodating digital picture displays: the Royal PF 56 and PF 80 Digital Picture Albums. Each complements your active lifestyle and frees you from clutches of the PC, the usual way digital pictures are viewed. There are no monthly fees and no computer is necessary to easily view and enjoy all of your photos on a Royal picture album.

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Nikon Coolpix P3 – Review @ DCRP

DCRP’s Jeff Keller has recently published a review of the Nikon Coolpix P3, a a 8.1 megapixels (CCD sensor) point and shoot digital camera with 3.5x optical zoom lens (36-126mm equivalent), a 2.5″ LCD screen, Vibration Reduction (VR), and a Built-in WiFi.


PROS: Very good image quality, Compact, well put together body (for the most part)
Optical image stabilization, Built-in 802.11b/g for wireless photo transfer (though see issues below), Large, high resolution LCD display; screen is visible in low light, Limited manual controls
Tons of scene modes, In-camera help system, Handy D-Lighting and Best Shot Selector features, Nice movie mode (though note the bug below), Time-lapse photo and movie modes
CONS: Images a bit soft for my taste, Redeye, Sound cuts out prematurely in movie mode, Poor low light focusing despite having an AF-assist lamp, No optical viewfinder, Can’t e-mail or upload files wirelessly; camera can’t be controller wirelessly, Really could’ve used a shutter priority mode, Not much built-in memory, No USB 2.0 High Speed support, Plastic tripod mount, flimsy cover over battery/memory card compartment “

>> Nikon Coolpix P3 Latest Price
>> Nikon Coolpix P3 Review Roundup & Sample Pictures

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