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Will Matrix View Universal (MVU) replace JPEG ?

JPG Icon Images

Are you ready to say goodbye to JPEG ?

Arvind Thiafarajan, co-founder of Singapore based MatricView invented shrinks images into a format called a MatrixView Universal, or MVU. The image in MVU format is 15 to many times smaller than a JPEG. But unlike a JPEG, which omits details, an MVU is as precise as the original.

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-N1

Sony Cybershot with touchscreen

Sony has just announced the new stylish Cyber-shot™ DSC-N1 with 8.1 megapixel performance and internal memory that holds up to 500 VGA images for pocket album viewing. The camera will have a huge 3.0″1 LCD Monitor with Clear Photo LCD Plus technology provides touch-screen convenience for controlling camera functions and searching thumbnail images and Free Spot AF lets you focus on a subject by just touching it on screen.

>> REVIEWS (last update: 18.04.06)

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Nikon Capture v4.3.2

Nikon has just updated the Nikon Capture 4.3.1 to version 4.3.2
The new updated software will solve a problem of Nikon capture Editor to quit unexpectedly with some computer systems when when images were adjusted using the Color Boost slider displayed by selecting Better Quality (HQ) in the D-Lighting palette.


- Download Nikon Capture V4.3.2 (Windows)
- Download Nikon Capture V4.3.2 (Mac)

Fujifilm USA Service Advisory

Service Advisory to Owner’s of the FinePix S2 Pro Digital Camera

FUJI PHOTO FILM U.S.A., INC. announces that some of the FinePix S2 Pro digital camera models may develop a problem with the CCD imaging sensor. During a certain period in the production process, there was a lack of uniformity in the quality of the CCD. It was determined that this problem may happen due to a combination of CCD quality and usage/storage conditions or age deterioration. However, the problem affects a limited number of units and may not occur in all cameras.

The symptom is captured images that appear completely black, have a purplish cast or multi- colored distortions. The following list of serial numbers may be affected:

Model Serial Number Range:

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Sony CyberShot with Touchscreen

Sony Cybershot with touchscreen

The first Sony digital camera with touchscreen is added to its Cyber-Shot range. This curvy little charmer is only 22.7mm thin with 8.1 Megapixel resolution, which will enable you to shoot and print jumbo A2-sized pictures without any loss of quality.

Its most attractive feature is the 3.0 inch touchscreen LCD with a Free Spot AutoFocus function that lets you focus on any subject with a precise tap of the touchscreen using the stylus.

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Photography Tip: How to Shoot Smoke ?

How to Shoot Smoke Tutorial

Will Ford, a DeviantArt member, has a really good tutorial on how to shoot smoke with your Digital Camera. I haven’t got the time to try it myself, but the tutorial looks good and it’s so easy to understand.

Here are 3 simple steps needed to prepare your shots:

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Olympus SP-700

Olympus SP-700

The SP-700 boasts Olympus’s largest LCD to date with its 3 inch (7.6cm) HyperCrystal Sunshine LCD. Combined with 6.0 million pixels and a precision 3x zoom lens (1:3.3-4.0, equivalent to 38-114mm in 35mm format), the SP-700 ensures that users are able to easily capture, view and share their high quality images with friends.

Whether at the pub, on holiday or on a day out, a streamlined metal body makes this lightweight, design-led camera the latest gadget to be seen with.

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The Best 10 Inkjet Printers

PCWORLD has just posted their version of the top 10 inkjet printers. The test for each printer was based on price (25%), print quality (20%), features (15%), ease of use (15%), speed (10%), service and support (10%), and cost of consumables (5%).


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Canon 1Ds Mk II VS Canon 1D Mk II VS Canon 20D

Steve Hoffmann wrote an interesting article with some sample shots discussing DSLR sensor size and pixel density in Canon 1Ds Mk II, Canon 1D Mk II, Canon 20D:

“The 20D sensor’s higher input resolution (higher pixel density) only helps with telephoto photography when your object is to fill the frame with your subject from as far away as possible. If you can zoom in, walk closer or get a longer focal length lens and fill the frame (same FOV), the 1D Mark II is on equal footing and the 1Ds Mark II’s 16.7 mp resolution will rule.

Pixel density, at least in this comparative series of images, doesn’t seem to have had the expected relational effect on random digital noise and dynamic range. The three cameras did equally well with slightly blown highlight reproduction. Even more confusing, the 20D seems to have edged out both the 1D Mark II and the 1Ds Mark II in producing slightly less dark area noise than either of these cameras. The 1D Mark II with its larger photosites should have been the winner here but turned out to be the worse noise producer.”

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