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Business Opportunities: Tips to Become Freelance Photographer

Photography is a vast world. There are many different types of photography and many different kinds of people that enjoy it. It’s a hobby that be relatively inexpensive or one that you can invest a lot of money on. Photos are so special because they give us memories of times and places and events in our lives. We can hold onto these memories forever with a photograph.

As much as people love photos, many people love taking them even more. Whether it’s a mother who takes photos at every of her children’s moments in life (first smile, first step, first spaghetti meal) or maybe it’s the father who never forgets his camera for a football or basketball game, or maybe it’s the young girl who loves nature hikes with her camera; these people are not exceptions. They all have an eye for those special moments and they all appreciate the camera’s ability to capture that moment and freeze it in time forever.

What is Freelance Photography?

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Photography Tip: Taking Great Baby Photos

Taking pictures of your new baby is a great way to preserve life long memories. Baby pictures can also make great postcards, keepsakes, or baby shower gifts. Here are some simple tips to get great baby pictures:

1) Avoid bright light – Babies are especially sensitive to bright light including harsh sunlight and flash photography. If possible, try to take photos during the day when flash photography is not necessary. You can also use lamps to create lighting.

Tips on taking great baby photos

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GOTW: Old Town in Warsaw

Wanna see some wonderfull colours with outstanding compositions and perspective photographs ?
Old Town in Warsaw by Peter Siejka has it all.

Tamron SP AF90mm F/2.8 Di Macro 1:1 Sample Photos

Tamron introduces a new version of the famous 90mm macro lens for film and digital photography. Tamron’s 90mm macro lens, often referred to as “the portrait macro” and loved by photographers all over the world, is now reborn as a Di lens that is perfect for use with both film and digital cameras. The coating of the lens is improved for digital use.

Tamron SP AF90mm F/2.8 Di Macro 1:1

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Extruding Object with Photoshop

This tutorial will show you how to make your object pop out of your frame using photoshop CS. Just like the image below:

Photoshop CS Tutorial

Step1. Open your desired image

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Photography Tip: How To Enter and Win Photo Contest

What is a good photograph? While a hard definition to write, it can be any image capture you enjoy to look at.

Theoretically a good image should have four elements: composition, exposure, technique, and presentation. An image should capture the interest of the observer or judge. It may be unique or common: but to be a winner, it should stand out from all the other images.

Competitive photographers should compose images that include some of following features:

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Macro Inspirations, Tips and Tricks

You won’t have to look hr to find close-up ideas – even everyday household objets can make fantastic subjects Once You’ve trained your eye to look for macro photo opportunities, you’ll find them almost anywhere, even in objects such as stamps, coins, paper clips, drawing pins and so on. The fact that you’re capturing them from an unusual viewpoint makes shot of ‘found’ objects interesting in themselves.

Macro Shots Inspiration and Tips

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GOTW: Beautiful Self-Portraits by Claire Morgan

Really beautiful self-portraits… a MUST see gallery!

DSLR Camera Lens Test: Sigma 24-135mm f/2.8 – 4.5 Aspherical IF

Sample photos taken with Sigma 24-135mm f/2.8 – 4.5 Aspherical IF at 24mm and 135mm with Canon EOS 300D

Sample photos of Sigma 24-135mm f/2.8 – 4.5 Aspherical IF taken at 24mm:
Shooting Mode: Aperture-Priority AE Tv( Shutter Speed ) 1/640 Av( Aperture Value ) 11 Metering Mode Evaluative Exposure Compensation 0
ISO Speed 400 Lens 24.0 – 135.0 mm Focal Length 24.0 mm

Sample photos taken with Sigma 24-135mm f/2.8 - 4.5 Aspherical IF at 24mm and 135mm

Sample photos of Sigma 24-135mm f/2.8 – 4.5 Aspherical IF taken at f/2.8 (100% crop)

Sample photos taken with Sigma 24-135mm f/2.8 - 4.5 Aspherical IF at 24mm and 135mm

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Sigma New Lenses for Digital SLR Camera

Sigma has released three new lenses this week to join their DG line up. These lenses are optimized for use with digital cameras.

1. Sigma 180mm f/3.5 APO EX DG HSM

Sigma New Lens: Sigma 180mm f/3.5 APO EX DG HSM

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