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IOTD: Feeling The Moment by B Real

I bet this photograph will make your day..!
It has made mine..

Printing Tips: How Much Pixels Do You Need

This table shows different image sizes in pixels and megapixles, and the size of printouts at 200dpi (adequate quality) and 300dpi (high quality). You can use it to help you decide what digital camera to buy, how big to print your photos and the best scanner settings to use. If you want really big enlargements, you’re likely to be better off using a good 35mm film camera and a special film scanner, or transparancy adaptor if your scanner has one

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Photography Tip: Color Tips

Everyone take colors for granted so much that it can be a challenging subject to understand. However with a focused mindset, colors can be magnifivently easy to achieve.

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Kodak is the favorite Digital Camera of Women

According to Lyra Research (, women are more likely to choose Kodak as they are in general are less comfortable with technology, and therefore more attracted to trusted brands.
The graph below will show how brand digital camera used by gender

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Instructions for High Speed Photography

Download this .zip file if you want to know more about High Speed Photography (IOTD21.04.05)

Manual for High Speed Photography (.zip)

More photographs and information on High Speed Photography are available at

New Release: Adobe Photoshop CS2

Adobe has now released its photoshop cs successor, and the new features are quite amazing!

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Getting the most from your printer

- Use photo quality paper: cheap paper will let the ink droplets spread out too much during the printing process, resulting in an image with dull colours and mushy detail. In contrast, photo-paper is specially coated to provide you with you the colours and definition that top photos need

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Digital Photography Jargon

Is digital camera tech-talk making you crazed ?
New technology can initially seem somewhat daunting, but fear not – help is at hand.

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Is NI-MH Batteries Dangerous ?

You may not know this but NI-MH batteries used in may digital cameras can be dangerous if not handled correctly.

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Book Review: Learning To See Creatively

Title: Learning to See Creatively – Design, Color & Composition in Photography
Second Edition – Byran Peterson
Page: 160

Book's Cover

I found this book acccidently when tried to find a book titled Tao of Photography – Seeing Beyond Seing. I finally ended up…

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