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IOTD: Looking 4 some fresh ideas ?

Then you need to visit this gallery..It’s so original and inspiring!

IOTD: July IV by Mike Long

This image has great colors, creative angle, good composition and superb detail..

IOTD: Ray of Lights by Monique

We chosen the Ray of Lights image by Monique as our IOTD today (27.04.05)
Monique is a nature freelance photographer based in Belgium check out her website at for other amazing nature photographs.

Photography Tips: Macro with Minolta DiMAGE A1

John from Adelaide, Australia has been doing some impressive macro shots with his Minolta DiMAGE A1.
The best part is he also has the ‘behind the scene’ of some of his best shots.

Macro basically refers to being able to focus on subjects quite close to the lens, so you can photograph small subjects in reasonable detail.

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IOTD: Who’s The Fairest One Of All? by John

It’s a bit scary but, I’m sure you’ll love this macro photograph..

Digital Camera Accesory: EM-140 DG Ring Flash

Targeted at macro, medican and scientific applications, the EM-140 DG can be configured to fire both flash rings or just one depending on the look. It has a guide number of 14 and is powered by four AA battereies. It is compatible with most modern TTL flash protocols including Canon E-TTL, Nikon D-TTL & i-TTL, Pentax’s P-TTL and Sigma’s own S-TTL

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IOTD: WaterDrops by Codino

All ritey, this image sure will freshen up your Monday…
Have a good week everyone!

New Feature: Print Articles

You can now print the printable version of dphotoJournal articles.
Coming soon: Email the articles to your friends.



Photoshop Tutorial: Straigthen The Horizon Line (Easy)

Step 1.

Open your picture
Choose measure tool from Photoshop tool pallete.

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Digital Photography Tip: Print your Photos

Each device you use: scanner, monitor and printer handle color in its own slighty different way. It’s a by product of the manufacturing process, design, electronic circuity, processing and other factors. The result is that the same color (eg. blue) might be assigned slightly different blue to the one captured by your scanner, and your printer may also produce an alternative shade.

So How can I make colors match ?

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